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The entire NZ Medical Specialists Directory is live in Medtech.

Specialists & Referrals is delivered to you by Medtech and Cervin Media working collaboratively together. Over the past year the service has been constantly refined and improved based on GP feedback. We are committed to continuing to develop this very handy service. With over 30,000 referrals in the first 11 months it is obvious Specialist & Referrals is meeting the needs of many GPs for a professional, easy and time-saving referral service.

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The SR service is a leap forward in improving the referral pathways between GPs and specialists. The referral information is sent quickly and securely, priority grading can then be done at the receiving end and an acknowledgement of receipt sent back equally efficiently. The user interface is equally easy to navigate. This service is a great example of how well designed software can help ease the burden of repetitive tasks and improve communication between doctors.
Zac Moaveni, Plastic & Reconstructive Surgeon
One of Endoscopy Auckland’s greatest challenges is managing the volue of referrals received in a timely way. The electronic referral via the Specialist & Referrals service is great tool to send all of the information required to us and ensure receipt of the referral.
Sue Valentine, Hospital Manager - Endoscopy and Laparoscopy Auckland
Once a doctor sees how easy it makes searching for a specialist and then sending out a referral, it is a no-brainer.
Dr. Stanley Koshy, Executive Director - Tui Medical Waikato

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